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Have you maximized your true potential?

Do you know your strengths?

Use CliftonStrengths to Help Realize Your Potential


Coaching Packages


Learn how to incorporate the Strengths methodology for individuals and managers at your company.


Strengths Canada delivers impactful team StrengthsFinder training sessions to help your team to learn how to be a Strengths-based team.


The role of a Strengths coach is to help you to better understand your instinctive abilities by asking key questions and by enabling you to identify and affirm your unique Strengths.

Susan Surtel of Strengths Canada brings to each individual and group the power of her own signature themes, which are Input, Maximizer, Achiever, Connectedness, and Learner, with supporting themes of Responsibility, Harmony, Belief, Woo, and Empathy. These themes help her to maximize the potential of others, to build trusted relationships, to use innovative methods to heighten the learning experience, and to work as a partner to find concrete solutions and new directions

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