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According to Gallup’s research, individuals on teams who work to their strengths:

  • are faster workers and can better adapt to change.

  • produce at a higher quality.

  • build stronger, more engaging relationships with colleagues and customers.

  • are more positive, creative and innovative.

  • look forward to going to work, have more retention, better attendance, and say that they work for a great organization.

Gallup’s research has shown that when employees are given the opportunity to do their best every day, not only will the employee benefit, but so will the team – and the organization! Strengths Canada delivers impactful team CliftonStrengths training sessions to help your team to learn how to be a Strengths-based team, that is one that uses the Strengths of each team member to make it a world-class team.

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Contact us to discuss how Gallup’s approach can work for you.

“In the five months since our StrengthsFinder session with Strengths Canada, our team has gotten noticeably closer. In the session we discovered so much about each other and now we are partnering more successfully and purposefully. Before we would think that we were bothering one another, but realized that we weren’t. Now a sister team is doing another session with Strengths Canada so that they too can benefit!”

- Rachel Millard
Bayer Crop Science
Calgary, AB

Thousands of companies and teams are using the StrengthsFinder platform to develop their people and teams.
Here are just a few of the companies who have discovered the StrengthsFinder solution.


Contact us to discuss how Gallup’s approach can work for you.

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