The following are some of Strengths Canada’s clients.

"Our team found the session to offer a meaningful opportunity to self-reflect and deepen our understanding of our colleagues. I believe this investment will well serve our collaboration and our clients."

Jennifer Morocco, Victorian Order of Nurses

"I have attended many training courses over the years and this one was by far one of the best. So many of the training courses focus on how to improve personal weaknesses instead of building on strengths. Therefore, the content and action plans usually get shelved and never looked at again. By developing a personal action plan focused on building on my strengths, I look forward to executing on the plan!"

Michelle W., Etobicoke, ON

"Taking the Gallup Strength Finder test was an eye opening experience, however, the truly beneficial part is having a debrief session with Susan afterwards. Susan helped me to analyze my own behaviours and identify how the different strength themes apply to me. That is when you begin to understand how to harness your strengths to use them to your advantage."

Ashley Mayhew, Toronto

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