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Individual Coaching

Do you know your Top 5 Strengths as per Gallup’s CliftonStrengths assessment?  Perhaps you do, but now you need to know how to develop them for personal and/or business situations.

The role of a Strengths coach and a certified ICF (International Coaching Federation) coach is to help you to better understand your instinctive abilities by asking key questions, by enabling you to identify and affirm your unique Strengths and then by helping you focus on using them. When this happens, individuals gain deeper appreciation for who they are, how they approach their responsibilities, and how they can leverage their Strengths. This often allows the person to attain greater satisfaction and contentment in their current role or clear direction in seeking an alternative position. In either outcome they end up doing what needs to get done in a way that is natural and inherent to them.

If you are facing professional challenges or opportunities, planning a career change or interested in improving your own performance (personal and/or professional), Strengths coaching is for you.

Individual coaching usually consists of a series of coaching conversations using one of the following formats:

  • in-person;

  • on the telephone; or

  • via online video conferencing.

Professional Woman Sitting

"After taking Susan Surtel’s Power of Strengths course, I obtained a clear view into my personal strengths that I was naturally bringing to work every day. Not being really aware of them meant I was not working to my full potential. Wanting to learn more, I engaged Susan for some 1-on-1 coaching for a deeper dive into those strengths. With Susan’s immense knowledge in this area I gained an understanding of why I gravitated to doing things the way I do and as importantly why interacting with some people was easy and with others it was more difficult. Finding out about the various strengths gave me insight in how to work more effectively with my colleagues. Not everyone has the same strengths and when I look at a colleague’s unique strengths I understand why they do things the way they do and why they need information the way they do. I am learning to present data differently to colleagues according to their innate strengths and by doing so I'm helping to create a more productive work environment."


Mississauga, ON

"I took the StrengthsFinder® assessment shortly after beginning a new job, which was a big transition for me. I realized pretty quickly that that there were things about this job that just weren't resonating with me, but I couldn't put my finger on why - and was internally struggling to understand my feelings of frustration.

I found true value in my individual coaching session with Susan. She explained how each of my strengths were interconnected and helped me work through understanding which ones I wasn't using fully in my job. We also discussed strategies for putting my strengths into action which would help me feel more satisfied day-to-day. Working with Susan to recognize that my current role did not allow me to tap into all of my inherent strengths, validated my feelings of frustration and gave me confidence to look for new opportunities. I have since found another role within my organization that is better suited to my strengths, and am much more fulfilled as a result.

Susan is charismatic, supportive and extremely passionate about helping others connect to their true strengths and purpose - I highly recommend her services!"

Celeste Hamilton BHK, MSc, PhD
Toronto, ON

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