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Training for Leaders

The world’s best managers should be aware of their own talents. But the challenge of managers is how best to direct their dominant talents to engage the hearts, minds and talents of those on their team. A Gallup-certified Strengths coach can partner with the manager to do the following:

Watch as Marcus Buckingham explains the business case for Strengths

  • explore his or her own strengths and understand how those strengths impact oneself and the team;

  • know the strengths of each team member;

  • examine how the talent themes of each team members collectively helps the team to function.

Strengths Canada’s Gallup Certified manager coaching can be delivered in any of the following formats:

  • one-to-one coaching (in-person, on the telephone or via online video conferencing); or

  • delivered as a training session for your management team.

Contact us to discuss how Gallup’s approach can work for you.

We recently ran two large group sessions with Susan on StrengthFinder. The programs were very well received and have generated lots of discussion on how to use and apply "Strengths" to our career conversations and development planning. It was a pleasure to work with Susan, she is very knowledgeable and helped to customize the programs to meet our specific needs."

Nancy Edgar,

Talent Management Expert 



Susan recently facilitated a session on Strengths Finder with our Medical Affairs department at Takeda. She delivered with passion, in-depth knowledge & expertise, and with a great respect to each individual within a group setting. The feedback received from the participants were very positive on my fronts. From my perspective, she has helped "unlock" the talents of many people and help them build on their strengths."

Jefferson Tea,

VP, Medical & Scientific Affairs
Takeda Canada


Susan was very effective in training our Strengths facilitation team with her training expertise and passion for Strengths. She knows her material, is flexible in working with client needs and is a pleasure to work with. We look forward to working further with her."

Susan Ludwig,

Senior Advisor, Organization

& Employee Development
University Health Network

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