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About Strengths

What make a person successful? 

After studying two million people and studying success for 50 years, Gallup learned that people are more successful if they identify their natural talents and activate those talents into Strengths. A Strength is consistent, near perfect performance of a given activity. For example, a person who is energized by meeting people has the WOO Strength.

What is the alternative?  Trying to ‘fix’ your weaknesses – which means spinning your wheels and wasting time!

Learn the science behind how your natural talents are innate.

People who activate their strengths…

  • look forward to going to work

  • have more positive than negative interactions with coworkers

  • treat customers better

  • tell their friends they work for a great company

  • achieve more on a daily basis

  • have more positive, creative, and innovative moments

Try the Strengths route and you will find that you will easily reach your goals.  Working on a team?  A team using the Strengths methodology will be more productive and successful.

Since 2010, Strengths Canada has been helping people maximize their natural talents.  We are a Gallup-certified training and coaching organization based in Toronto, Ontario. 

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